This game was developed for the Godot Wild Jam #18. The theme is "plague" and in this game YOU are the plague, a mosquito that has to get blood from a nearby human.

How long can you survive without being smashed and at the same time provide your children with blood?

The highscores are not saved in the html version, don't know how to do it and it's not very important either. Also it can be quite slow in the browser, so if you have trouble, try the downloads. I hope they work, because I cannot test them.

Now go have some fun!

by TreeTimes and Socke Magneti


Download 66 MB
Download 68 MB
Download 67 MB


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I like the graphics and lighthearted feel of the game.  Nice job

Cool Idea. I cant survive for more than 16 seconds.

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It's very hard for sure. Do not forget to feed your children with the blood you collect, or the game will end. If you collected blood, just go back home and click the left mouse button. The longest I survived was around 50 seconds so yeah, it's not that long :).

Really cool game :) Gameplay and music fit really well together, very smooth, love the text animations!

Thanks, glad you liked it.

This is a really nice game! Really nice music and well made.

Thx. I'm glad you like it. It was our first ever published game, so it's very nice to have some positive feedback.

Anytime, love these kinds of little games!